Service disruptions/cancellation-Thursday 14th July 2022

1 month ago Wed 13th Jul 2022

Due to staff shortages and high sickness levels the following services will not be running on Thursday 14th July-

40 service- 9.30am Thetford to Kings Lynn

40 service-13.10pm Kings Lynn to Thetford

86 service-12.42pm Brandon to WSH

86 service-14.45pm WSH to Brandon

86 service-15.42pm Brandon to WSH

86 services-17.45pm WSH to Brandon

86 service-18.42pm Brandon to Thetford

86 service- 11.45pm WSH will terminate at Thetford

86 service 7.55am Brandon to WSH will run approx 10 minutes late

86 service- 7.25am Brandon to WSH will leave Old Forge Court at 7.50am

84 service-9.45am Thetford to BSE

84 service-10.25am BSE to Thetford

84 service-11.45am Thetford to BSE

84 service-12.25pm BSE to Thetford

84 service-13.45pm Thetford to BSE

84 service-14.25pm BSE to Thetford

84 service- 15.45pm Thetford to BSE

84 service- 16.25pm BSE to Thetford

86A relief will not run am/pm