Terms & Conditions Of Travel

Boarding the Bus

If you plan to travel with us, when you board the bus you must provide one of the following.

- A Valid ticket, bus pass or concessionary pass.

School bus passes may only be used within School Term / College times & concessionary bus pass holders may only be used for travel within the time parameters set by the local authority. In Norfolk & Suffolk this is 09:30 – 23:00 weekdays & all day Saturday & Sunday.


- Pay the relevant fare to the driver. Remember to state the fare you require, the driver does not need to question the fare that has been asked for & it will default to an adult fare unless otherwise specified.
If you are travelling as a fare paying passenger always retain the ticket for your records, if you have purchased a return / day or multi journey ticket it will be needed for the next journey.

Up to 2 children under the age of 5 may travel for free with a fare payer or concessionary pass holder. 

Coach Services Ltd takes no responsibility for personal belongings carried by passenger(s) on our services.

Purchasing M-Tickets through the MyTrip App

Coach Services Ltd offer M-tickets via the MyTrip App
platform, either directly via the APP or via our website
coachservicesltd.co.uk which can be set to the app.

If you purchase an M-Ticket, choose not to travel & have
not activated the ticket via the app we will refund the price of the ticket in

Activated tickets are non-refundable.

If your bus fails to arrive for reasons within our control,
we will refund the M-Ticket in full/or pro-rata on multi journey tickets.

If your bus fails to arrive or operates more than 30 minutes
late for reasons beyond our control, such as roadworks / traffic delays &
all other reasons that we cannot control, tickets are non-refundable.

Accessing the bus

- What we can carry,

Pushchairs, wheelchairs, small buggies & light luggage.

- What we cannot carry,

Motorised scooters, bicycles, hazardous products, hot food & beverages.

If travelling with a wheelchair there is a specific area towards the front of the bus that is designed to carry the one wheelchair, it must be with the back to the upright & the brakes must be on. The low floor vehicle does have a ramp which is to be operated by a member off staff only.

We cannot guarantee low floor wheelchair accessible vehicles 100% of the time due to operational reasons & particular rural routes operate with step vehicles.

If travelling with pushchairs & buggies these can be pushed onto the bus & can be parked in the large area at the front with the brakes on, although at busier periods the driver may ask passengers to fold up the pushchair to allow space.
If the space has been taken & we cannot accommodate a passenger with a non-foldable item then unfortunately, the driver may ask the passenger to wait for the next available service. 

Travelling with Animals

Our policy on the transportation of animals is the following.

They must be either assistance animals (in which case the owner must be in possession & show to the driver a valid concessionary card to that effect) or must be placed in a suitable carrying box or container that is able to be placed on the lap of its owner.

We have this policy in place for the welfare of all passengers & drivers on the vehicle.

Our Policy Explained.

There is a risk of passengers being bitten or other pets being attacked if two or more pets with different owners are travelling within close proximity. The other element we have to consider is the hygiene of the animal. Not all pets are kept as clean as they may-be should, and may be infested with fleas or other parasites that could infect other pets or even passengers, but most certainly we would run the risk of the furniture of the vehicle being contaminated.

Not all pets fall into this category, but we cannot expect the driver to make judgement calls on the hygiene of owner’s pets. So with this in mind it must be the same rule for all.

Passenger Conduct

Coach Services Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry to any of our vehicles.

Threatening behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated in any shape or form & if we believe that certain behavior becomes a safety concern for staff & or the travelling public we reserve the right to remove passengers regardless of where the bus is on its journey.

It is against the law to smoke or consume alcohol on any of our vehicles.

We kindly ask passengers to take all of their rubbish with them when they leave the vehicle & do not place soiled clothes or feet on the seats of the bus.

Lost Property

We will store lost property at our premises & keep a log of all items handed in.
If you think you have left at item on the bus please contact our office during office hours. All returnable

items must be collected at our office & signed for in person.

If lost property has not been claimed within one month, Coach Services Ltd will become the owner of the property & will dispose of it accordingly.

We cannot guarantee the return of lost property, please take care of your belongings at all times.

If perishable goods are not claimed within 48 hours they will be disposed of accordingly.

Unaccompanied Children.

In the interest of safety, unaccompanied children under 8 years of age will not knowingly be carried, unless accompanied by a family member of 12 years or over. If the above circumstance does arise both parties must pay the appropriate child/adult fare for the journey.

Complaints & Feedback

All complaints & feedback, good or bad must be directed to the address below.

We will endeavour to answer all questions & take all comments into consideration.

We are not perfect & things will go wrong, when they do we would like to deal with the situation with a quick response and ensure it does not happen again.

Coach Services Ltd


Howlett Way



IP24 1HZ

web - www.coachservicesltd.com

email – info@coachservicesltd.co.uk

tel – 01842 821509 – 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday